Choosing Your Photographer

Since I’m a photographer, you might think I would say just book me for your wedding. As much as I would love to shoot everyone’s wedding, there are some reasons I would prefer you to go with another photographer. Yes, you read that right. I want you to be happy with your photos. If you want a style that doesn’t match my own. I would rather you go with a photographer that fits that style. There are many different styles out there. There are light and airy photographers, dark and moody, or bold and classic. I would rather you choose that light and airy photographer then have me shoot your wedding and then put an instagram filter on my work. On my list of things to not do to your poor photographer is to put filters on their work.

  1. Decide what style you are drawn to most. My style is the bold and classic style with a strength in photojournalism. What does that mean? My editing style allows for bold vibrant classic colors. It shows more of what your wedding day looked like through your own eyes. With graduating with a Major at Ball State University in photojournalism, I am able to catch moments as they unfold.

2. Go back to your budget plan and decide what your budget is for a photographer. Once the day is over, all you have left are your photos of the day. These are the things you will cherish forever. They seem like they have a price on the day of but 20, 30, or 40 years down the road they will be priceless.

3. Once you have found a photographer with the style you like within your budget. Reach out to them to set up a meeting. This can either be over the phone or in-person. Have a list of questions ready to ask them. Things such as, how many weddings have they shot? Do they have reviews from past clients? Can you see a full gallery of a wedding they have shot?

4. Personality matters! You will spend more of your wedding day with your photographer than your spouse! This is another way experience matters. An experienced photographer will be able to go with the flow and adjust when things throw you curve-balls on the wedding day. Someone who is less experienced could get frazzled and not be as enjoyable to work with.

5. Engagement sessions are more important than you think! This allows you to work with your photographer before the wedding day. You get to see how they work and the work they produce. Were they fun to work with? Was the work the quality you expected? Melody Withers photography has the try before you buy option that allows you to do just that. You get to get the Melody Withers Photography experience before you commit to your wedding. You pay for your session and then once you realize how awesome it is, what you have already paid counts as your deposit.

6. Once the day gets closer, talk to your photographer about all the details of your day. This help you both be on the same page of what you expect on your wedding day and how the day will unfold.

Just starting planning your wedding, check me out and see if I fit into your style and your budget.


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